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Welcome to the website of our company KIM PAI TUBA, thank you for visiting us.

Our company is founded on strong traditions and is the result of European aluminium tube producer Lajovic Tuba (founded 1925 and part of Impact International) and Thai laminate tube producer Kim Pai Lamitube (founded 1985 and part of the Kim Pai Group) working together to offer world leading laminate tubes in Europe.

KIM PAI TUBA is the result of over 120 years of combined tube making experience and is one of the few tube producers in Europe whose vertically integrated supply chain produces all materials needed in laminate tube manufacture including laminate material.

This enables us to offer custom coloured laminate tubes in smaller volumes, printed with up to 11 colours, fitted with orientated flip top caps and printed with anti-counterfeit technology. Our tubes are manufactured in the heart of Europe, Slovenia.

Our goal is to say yes when other laminate tube manufacturers say no.