Product offering

KIM PAI TUBA offers the widest range of laminate tube options available in Europe. Our customers cannot only specify the colour of the laminate that they would like, we can also modify the laminate structure and thickness to suit their individual requirements. Please click on the images below to learn more about our range of ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate), PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate), MPET (Metallised PET laminate) and custom laminate options.

abl1   ABL tubes: Like every other tube manufacturer in Europe, KIM PAI TUBA can manufacturer tubes using ABL laminate material supplied by all major laminate suppliers. So, if you have your product in the market and have completed all your compatibility / stability studies, KIM PAI TUBA can source the same materials as you currently use. We have the unique ability to change the thickness of our own ABL material to suit individual customer needs and to design specific ABL laminate structures to suit aggressive or sensitive products. Our ABL tubes can be decorated with up to 11 print colours, including foil stamping.

pbl1   PBL tubes: KIM PAI TUBA can manufacture PBL tubes with an invisible sideseam and 360 degree printing. As our parent company manufactures their own laminate, we can also offer our PBL customers coloured material. Just let us know the Pantone colour that you would like and our team will prepare an offer for a truly unique PBL tube for your product. Our PBL tubes can be decorated with up to 11 print colours, including foil stamping. We can also source PBL material from all major laminate suppliers.

mpet1   MPET tubes: In this area, KIM PAI TUBA is truly the European market leader. Our affordable Metallised PET tubes with mirror-like effect and beautiful seam line can be decorated with up to 11 colours, including foil stamping. The EVOH barrier in the laminate structure provides excellent protection from oxygen migration. When it comes to designing the artwork for your tube, your imagination can run wild. All our MPET tubes will bounce back into shape after being squeezed and are fitted with orientated flip top caps, to further enhance the appearance of the tube in the market.

custom1   Custom laminate options: Tubes are the preferred option for housing a range of gels, creams, powders and ointments. Some products are sensitive to light, others to oxygen and some to water. It is possible for the contents of the tube to discolour the laminate. The research and development team at our parent company is headed by a Doctor of Chemistry. KIM PAI TUBA can work with our customers to design custom laminates to suit your specific requirements. We can change the laminate structure, add different raw materials with different barrier properties and we can change the thickness of the laminate to improve barrier functionality and feel. KIM PAI TUBA is the one laminate tube producer in Europe who can tailor the laminate to suit individual customer needs.

anti1   Anti counterfeit protection: The increase of counterfeit products has caught many markets by surprise. The global value of counterfeit products sold is around USD $1.8 trillion and growing, with online sales of pharmaceuticals being the worst affected. Due to the popularity of cosmetic products, counterfeit of cosmetic products is also growing. KIM PAI TUBA offers our customers an internationally registered and FDA approved solution, which helps protect your brand and ensure product authenticity. Our solution does not require you to change your artwork design* or to change the materials used to manufacture your tubes.